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“Generosity consists not of the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed.”

For us, it is not just about creating the best basketball players. It is about fostering communities, uplifting well rounded citizens, and cultivating the next generation of leaders through mentorship, professional development, and skills training.
Our mission is focused on educating and empowering underprivileged children in Africa. We create a safe environment through infrastructure investment and improvement. We provide proper fitting equipment, and recruit professional coaches, teachers and mentors to educate, nurture and inspire our participants and the surrounding communities.

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Over 600 Campers in


Over 3000 meals

Basketball Court

1 Basketball court has been reconstructed


Over 2500 Equipment
“Generosity consists not of the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed.”

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The Adeola Ajayi Foundation Team

Our Work would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our volunteers.
Adeola Ajayi grew up Sango Ota, Nigeria and earned a high school basketball scholarship that brought him to the United States in 2009. He played high school basketball at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA.

Adeola Ajayi

Basketball Development Manager Curtis Berry attended the University of Missouri as a student athlete and graduated with a Bachelor of Educational Studies and a Master’s in Education Leadership. As a freshman basketball player, Berry averaged 6.8 points a game in 1978, and in his sophomore year, he led the team in rebounding.

Curtis Berry

Director of Basketball Development
Olumide Onafuye graduated from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Currently, Olumide is a computer system analyst at Decorum Pharmacy Limited in Sango Ota, Nigeria.

Olumide Onafuye

Operations Manager

Corporate Sponsorships

Special thanks to our corporate sponsors. Your generosity has helped us make a lasting impact on thousands of children.